Do you need help installing a new home network? Whether you need a robust and reliable network for your home office or simply need a broadband internet connection for web surfing and online gaming, the experts at Installs Online are here to help!

Installs Online’s home network design and installation services are perfect for single home dwellings, including dedicated CAT5 networks, which support file-sharing and lightning fast internet connectivity via a secure and stable connection. Contact the team at Installs Online to start discussing your home network design and installation project, built to your precise specifications.

Computer Networking

If you run a home office or have a broadband Internet connection, or just want to be able to share files from one machine to the other or play cooperative games with your kids, then a home network is for you. Installs Online offers a complete range of networking packages for single-family homes, small offices and large businesses alike. We can install a dedicated CAT5 network that will allow File, Internet and Resource sharing over a Fast, Secure, Interference-free connection

High Performance Components

Although there are many wireless network devices available on the market today for reasonable prices that eliminate the need for cabling, there are several compelling reasons to use a wired network. Wired networks operate at significantly faster speeds than present wireless networks and offer substantially more reliable security.