At Installs Online, we offer a range of different pre-wired audio-visual and network cabling packages, which make it simple to get your new home or business connected fast. Whether you’re wiring a new construction project for a state of the art security system, data network or a building-wide entertainment system, Installs Online has precisely what you need to get the job done right.

We offer pre-wiring solutions and when it’s time to get up and running, you simply add the devices. It’s really that simple. If you’re in the market for pre-wired construction audio/visual and network cabling services for your new home or business, turn to the experts here at Installs Online. We’re the nationwide installation specialists.

New Construction

Packages generally start with simple, mid-end systems such as complete audio or basic networking, and top out with custom designed, dedicated home theaters, total automation systems and top-of-the-line security.

Building or remolding a new home or business?

Call Installs Online right away for a free quote proposal. This is the best time to get your pre-wire done to make it easy, clean and cost-efficient.

Moving into a home or business?

This is a way to accommodate that need, and at the same time keep new residential and business sites cleaner and more attractive to other potential customers. Increasingly people are able to handle their own communication business, and they are demanding flexibility in how they receive these services. This system allows them insert there own distribution and move equipment from room to room without calling out a service technician.

Our Builders Program

Over 50% of all new homes and businesses built in the United States today are being wired for more than just basic telephone and cable TV. They are now being equipped with “structured wiring” which includes wiring for audio, video, high-speed data, automation, and security. Currently, 60% of all developers are now offering these structured wiring packages for their cost-effectiveness and ability to draw in customers.

Choose Us For Your Next Structured Wiring Project

Installs Online can help you provide your home or business with structured wiring packages for complete, built-in audio and video entertainment solutions, security alarm systems, computer networks, audio distribution systems, and more.

We work with developers to tailor audio and video packages for your property. Each development sites are unique, and no generic system is right for every application. Because of this, our experts will work with the development team to create a set of packages that can be attractively presented to buyers.

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